What is Responsible Gold?

July 11, 2022

How our blockchain technology is helping the environment and gold.

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Current day supply chains for traditionally sourced gold are susceptible to money laundering, conflict financing, and human right violations. The supply chain burden is essentially being able to prove responsible mining and production to end users. This trust burden on gold’s supply chain is what our Responsible Gold Supply Chain Application, and its ensuing standards for gold, were set out to solve.

Although there are a plethora of NGOs, regulators, and other industry bodies attempting to create supply chain systems that have verifiably no illicit gold, there is still tons of illicit gold that is laundered and snuck into the global supply chain every year.


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We created our Responsible Gold Supply Chain Application to be able to address these issues using blockchain technology. This application tracks the provenance and custody transfer of conflict-free and responsibly sourced gold from mine-to-refinery–to-vault, using an immutable ledger within our application.

Responsible Gold™, itself, is the product of the Responsible Gold Standards, its verifying Responsible Gold Supply Chain Application, and its supply chain participants.

And It’s available in two formats: physical gold bullion “XRG” and “G-Coin®” tokens, which are available to sell or trade 24/7/365.

The Responsible Gold Standards consider the best environmental, social governance, and (ESG) practices. Meaning we go above and beyond the bare minimum requirements to produce our Responsible Gold.

Our Responsible Gold Supply Chain Application was recognized by Amanie Advisors, a leading Shariah compliance advisor, the United Nations, and other various organizations as ethical gold and providing a positive contribution to ESG efforts around the world, particularly in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 12.

The Responsible Gold Supply Chain Application successfully combines blockchain technology with web and mobile applications that revolutionize the way different participants capture, communicate, access, and audit information.

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