About us

We believe gold is a powerful wealth protector and we’ve made it our mission to make it more sustainable and accessible to everyone.

G-Coin® bring gold into the digital age, expands its use, and creates new opportunities for financial inclusion.

Unlike cryptocurrency, G-Coin® are a digital representation of a real asset. We have combined the best qualities of traditional gold – stability, security, and value confidence – with the benefits of digital currency innovation. This gives you the freedom to send and receive value instantly, securely, and at no cost from the convenience of your mobile phone.

We deliver the highest levels of supply chain assurance and ecosystem integrity. Our blockchain technology tracks conflict-free and responsibly sourced gold from mine to vault. Our gold supply chain partners are dedicated to achieving the highest ethical and sustainability standards in the production and sourcing of gold. Respected third parties regularly audit our ecosystem.

We aim to bring Responsible Gold™ and G-Coin® to as many people around the world as possible.

About Us