identity enabled Blockchain

3rd generation enterprise blockchain, custom built for high-speed, high-volume transactions, and payment

Public Permissioned

 The QOS Blockchain platform, launched in 2017 by Emergent Technology, is based on Quorum, an enterprise-focused version of Ethereum developed by J.P. Morgan. It is a public/permissioned-type blockchain that uses an Istanbul Byzantine Fault Tolerance protocol with a staking system to enable a high-throughput consensus of secured transactions. In the QOS blockchain, node operators validate transactions and participate in the QOS blockchain consensus and governance.

Stable Value Layer

The QOS blockchain was built to solve the key challenges of enterprise adoption, trade finance, supply chain, logistics, and payments by introducing i) the G-Coin® Digitized Gold, which is a title to Responsible Gold that serves as a store of value and medium of exchange and ii) a network access token, QOS, which is part of the incentive scheme to reward participants/node operators for network service.