You (“Client”) agree and understand that by clicking to agree below, you are agreeing to be bound by these Responsible Gold Purchase Terms (“Terms”) by and between you and G-Wallet Corp (“G‑Co”), a Delaware corporation, upon G-Co’s acceptance of a purchase order for Digital Gold placed by you (“Purchase Order”) through G‑Co’s website.  Please review these Terms carefully as they may have changed.

    1. Definitions. Unless otherwise defined throughout these Terms, these Terms incorporate by reference the capitalized terms defined in the Client Account Agreement available at https://gcoin.com/user-agreement/ (the “Account Agreement”).
    2. Terms of Purchase. Client will purchase from G-Co and G-Co will sell to Client the Digital Gold specified in the Purchase Order (“Purchase Transaction”). The terms of the Purchase Transaction will be as follows.
      1. Quantity. The amount of Digital Gold purchased will be the amount specified in Client’s Purchase Order.
      2. Legal Tender. Client will pay the Purchase Price (defined below) in the legal tender indicated in Client’s Purchase Order.
      3. Price. The “Purchase Price” is the price at which G-Co will accept Client’s offer to purchase Digital Gold from G-Co, denominated in U.S. dollars and quoted by G-Co at the time of the Purchase Transaction. The Purchase Price will reflect the spot price of gold that meets the Responsible Gold Standard, adjusted to include a spread. Additional Information relating to G-Co’s pricing methodology is available at https://gcoin.com/faq/#collapseThree4.
      4. G-Co will include in the Purchase Price commissions and fees applicable to the transaction, as disclosed on its website or otherwise communicated to Client when placing the Purchase Order.
      5. Payment of Legal Tender. Upon receipt by G-Co of the Purchase Price in Legal Tender from Client, G‑Co shall transfer the Digital Gold purchased by Client to Client’s G-Coin Wallet.
      6. Applicability of Account Agreement. Client acknowledges and agrees that the Purchase Transaction is governed by the Client Account Agreement available at https://gcoin.com/user-agreement/, including but not limited to its transaction processing, indemnification, and dispute resolution provisions, as a “Service” under the Client Account Agreement.
    1. Additional Terms.
      1. G‑Co as Counterparty. G‑Co is a commercial dealer and not an exchange or brokerage house.  Neither G‑Co nor any of its employees act as an agent, broker or fiduciary for any of G‑Co’s customers.  In each Purchase Transaction, G‑Co acts as a principal and as such sells Digital Gold to Client on its own behalf.
      2. Legal Status. Purchase Transactions are commercial cash transactions, not futures, forwards or leverage contract transactions.  As such, Purchase Transactions are not regulated by the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission.
      3. Payment Services Processors. G‑Co may use a third-party payment processor to process a Purchase Transaction involving legal tender between Client and G‑Co. G‑Co is not directly supported, endorsed, or certified by any such payment service processors, and G‑Co and such payment service partners make no warranties or claims about the other.