Can Joe Graf, Jr. Hit a Double Gold with NASCAR and G-Coin®?

May 18, 2021


G-Coin® is super excited to be sponsoring Joe Graf, Jr., a Top 25 driver, in NASCAR’s Xfinity Series. Starting with the Pit Boss 250 at the Circuit of the Americas (COTA) in Austin, Texas on May 22, 2021 and for three additional races into June, Joe’s car will sport the G-Coin logo and promote the message that G-Coin gives fans the ability to save, send, and spend real gold.

NASCAR is an iconic brand with a loyal, enthusiastic fan base that values operational excellence, innovation, performance, and perhaps most of all — speed. And G-Coin epitomizes all of these traits that have made NASCAR a fan favorite. Built on a state-of-the-art tech ecosystem, G-Coin is revolutionizing fintech with a product that offers the stability of gold and the liquidity of a digital token.

This campaign aligns with our objectives and values for G-Coin while providing us with access to NASCAR’s broad and diverse audience, including more than one million fans (each) in major markets such as Los Angeles, New York City, Chicago, Atlanta, Dallas, Philadelphia, the Washington DC area, Tampa, and Phoenix. NASCAR fans are famous for their driver and sponsor loyalty, ranking #1 among major U.S. sports for the number of fans who consciously support and recommend sponsors.

NASCAR fans love their teams and drivers, and they will love G-Coin, too.

Digital Gold for a New Generation of Investors

A new generation of gold investors is learning that their finances can be as high-performance as their favorite NASCAR team. With leading-edge technology and rapid transaction speeds, G-Coin can be bought and sold faster than ever before. It’s safe, secure, and a lot of fun.

Digital gold adoption is on the rise, so it’s important to us to work with a driver and team that have a fundamental understanding of gold and how it can help people reach their financial goals.

As the dollar and other fiat currencies weaken due to inflationary policies, many investors are looking for alternative investments (such as gold) to hedge against inflation. However, physical gold is neither accessible nor appealing to individual investors. G-Coin brings gold into the digital age.

Tweets like this demonstrate that Joe is the perfect person to help us reach the next generation of gold investors. He gets it — and he will be instrumental in helping thousands of new gold investors improve their financial position with G-Coin.


Full disclosure: We also think Joe is going to win a lot of races.

Enthusiasm and Synergy: Millennials, NASCAR, and G-Coin

If you’re a NASCAR enthusiast, you’re likely going to be a G-Coin fan, too. Millennials and Gen Z are key demographics for both organizations.

Millennials are already the largest demographic in the digital asset market, which is now worth more than $1 trillion. NASCAR is a proven brand with a loyal fan base that closely aligns with the strongest demographic in emerging fintech — you guessed it: Millennials. Approximately 40% of NASCAR fans are 18-44 years old.

Cryptocurrencies have gained large market valuations, but they are and will remain volatile. A case in point is Elon Musk’s recent announcement that Tesla will no longer accept bitcoin as payment, which has resulted in bitcoin, ether, and dogecoin all dropping in value overnight.

I see an opportunity for G-Coin, as a digital title to a real asset, to meet the needs of new investors looking for digital assets that are less vulnerable to both inflation and volatility.

Making Gold Affordable and Accessible

Perhaps the most important message we have is that responsible digital gold is affordable for all investors, especially those early in their financial journey. With an average income of $78,000 per year, many NASCAR fans are relatively early in their careers and will be part of an increasingly important group of consumers holding digital assets.

Gold has traditionally been a largely inaccessible asset class, due to the constraints of the supply chain and denominations in which investment-grade gold is sold. Today, for example, a kilobar of gold costs around $50,000 plus storage costs, rendering it impossible for many individuals to invest in gold.

Tokenization technology allows the same gold to now be purchased in fractions. Through G-Coin, an investor can purchase real gold stored in a secure vault with as little as approximately $15 and in 0.01 gram increments. We’re making gold accessible to everyone and for day-to-day transactions.

Responsible Gold — Aligning Investments with Core Values

We looked into NASCAR’s practices before committing to this partnership and discovered that it is a sustainability leader in professional sports. Through the NASCAR Green Initiative and an expected move toward hybrid motors, NASCAR has recognized the opportunity to lead by example in adopting responsible ESG policies.

Similarly, ESG is important to us. This is evidenced in that G-Coin tokens are minted from Responsible GoldTM kilobars. Responsible Gold sets the standard for independently certified, conflict-free, responsibly sourced gold.

To produce Responsible Gold, gold custody transfers are tracked on our blockchain from the mine to the refinery. The tamper-proof technology provides proof of provenance and supply chain security to prevent illicit gold from entering the ecosystem. Mining and refining partners conform to best-in-class ESG practices to protect against the worst forms of environmental, social, and labor violations.

Investors no longer need to be concerned about how and where their gold has been produced, as Responsible Gold and G-Coin provide full visibility and ESG credentials.

Reimagining Gold: Inclusive, Liquid, and Stable

G-Coin is an ecosystem built on tokenized, responsibly sourced gold — the original store of value. In addition to asset stability, G-Coin has the liquidity of digital currencies. Using G-Coin, people can safely save, send, or spend in gold.

Do you have any questions about G-Coin or our partnership with NASCAR? Feel free to leave a comment below.

For a sneak preview of Joe’s new car, you can check out the car reveal here.


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