Message from the president

Dear Friends, I am pleased to introduce Gold Coin Group to you, and our sole motto is to help Canadian families to have their Canadian or the North American lifestyle by helping them to be financially independent and to achieve this, we assist them in their endurance to Create wealth and to Manage & Preserve them. We are a Proud Canadian Company dealing with all aspects of an individual’s financial planning, and our slogan is, to “CREATE . MANAGE & PRESERVE WEALTH” for Canadian families. We, therefore, do a detailed individual financial need analysis, not by computers or other means, but by personally studying and understanding each individual’s situation and need, and then create a tailor-made solution for them that suit them the best. We deal with the most reputed Insurance companies, Investment companies and Banks in Canada. We also use different strategies and concepts to create wealth for Canadian families by reducing their tax, cost of insurance, debt servicing cost etc, thus by saving more money for them to put towards for their vacation, or for their kids education plan, or their retirement plan or for using those extra dollars for your investment needs. Because in Gold Coin, we believe that every dollar should get its maximum value, so it should be spent to its best value. How we do these! Please view our Planning page*.   We want to help the Canadian families to be financially independent by doing a proper financial planning for them. We also provide career opportunity to those who dream to be financially independent and would like to maintain a good lifestyle. Our ultimate goal is to make a company that truly works for the clients’ best interest at heart and not just in words, so as to make true difference in the society that we live in.   Antoney Vattavayalil   President & CEO