Tax Planning

Personal Tax Planning

Every Canadian says that we pay too much Tax!!! Yes, it is true. When you buy something you pay TAX; when you sell some thing you pay TAX; when you earn some thing you pay TAX. Even when you die you have to pay TAX. Take a look at the kind of taxes you pay – Income Tax, Property Tax, GST, PST, Estate Tax and the list goes on and on. We have no control over these except for one – that is your INCOME TAX. At this point, we advise our clients with strategy that is approved by the CRA to pay less tax toward our income and save more cash.
Gold Coin can be of great assistance to you to reduce your personal income tax through proven method using various strategies.
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Business Tax Planning

As we all agree, every Canadian’s mind throbs when their Tax season is at hand, and the huge Tax bill to deal with on their business financial year-end. And it often creates an unbearable headache for many people. As it is said that “For every problem there is a solution”, and one has to just look for it, and that is where Gold Coin Group comes into action. We help people to plan their business and make strategies to deal with their tax bill, by strategically planning and providing programs that enables them to be in the most Tax efficient position.
We have planning to reduce the corporate tax bill and also the business owner’s and their key persons by tax reduction strategy. We help to increase the cash flow of the business and also can show how to increase your net worth or to create wealth.
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