Mortgage Insurance

Mortgage Insurance is a flexible alternative to the Mortgage Insurance typically offered through the banks and other lenders.

Here are some of the advantages our plan offers:

Portable: No need to re-apply for coverage if you move or re-finance
Flexible : You choose the coverage amount and your beneficiary
Guaranteed Renewable * : You are protected for as long as you wish, upto the age of 80

How can Mortgage Insurance meet my needs

  Mortgage Insurance offers low rates for 10- and 20- year coverage and is fully renewable, meaning we guarantee you can extend your policy when the term ends, upto the age of 80. Unlike mortgage insurance through a bank, the plan is not tied to your mortgage - if you decide to pay off your mortgage you can keep this affordable life insurance covergae intact.
  Mortgage Insurance premiums are based on your age, sex and smoking status. Flexible payment choices and other options help to ensure that mortgage insurance will contunue to meet your changing needs.

Mortgage Insurance comparison chart


Does your current mortgage insurance offer you such regular coverages such as

Protection in case of death(life insurance)
Protection in case of disability
Protection in case of critical illness

Does your current insurance offer you the following advantages

No increase in your premium
Possibility to designate the beneficiary of your choice?
Possibility to use the insurance proceeds (following a death) as you wish?
Right now does your diability coverage offer you:
The payment of your benefits regardless of the duration of your disability?
The full payment of your monthly mortgage instalment?
An insurance premium that does not increase with the interest rates?
* Subject to policy provisions
To know more about the program give us a call at 416-283-8899 and one of our friendly customer service representatives will put you in contact with a authorized representative.